EPISODE #1 – Comic-Con Adventures in San Diego (23June2017) – We’re coming into a New Era like baseball caps, ladies and gentlemen.  In the first episode in our new recording empire, Black and Yellow recap their trip to San Diego Comic Con, talk about the crazy summer in the NBA, and preview this year’s upcoming fantasy season because it’s never too early to talk about stuff that doesn’t matter.  THE BOYS ARE BACK….IN POD FORM!


EPISODE #2 – All Black Everything (27Aug2017) – Episode #2 of the new era B&Y podcast brings back a fan favorite: Coach Kyle. Recording live from Columbus, OH in the wake of a monster NBA deal, the coach joins Black sans Yellow to talk about the summer that was. How has the West shaken out? Is standing pat in the East a better play than getting talent? Did Boston hurt their own rep by dealing IT? All questions answered here and now on B&Y!

EPISODE #3 – Fantasy: LIVE! (04Sep2017) – In the immortal words of some guy who got fired: “F*ck it.  We’ll do it live.”  Recorded September 4th, 2017, it’s a running draft diary for our personal fantasy league, the Just Us League.   But there’s something for everybody:  Is it worth it to carry 2 QBs on your roster?  How many running backs is too many?  Is Zeke getting a raw deal?  How old is Frank Gore, really?  All this and more on a super-sized, live episode of B&Y.  Happy drafting!

EPISODE #4 – FANTASY WEEK #1 (14Sep2017) – Another week, another podcast.  Returning to form, we’re recapping week #1 in the NFL by the way of the Just Us League.  The league champ takes a beating, the Sacko pulls out his sack, and Kareem Hunt stays on someones bench, and they win anyway.  All that and ‘We Sure He’s Good?’, Road Dawgs, and Top Twitter Follow.

EPISODE #5 – THROOOOOONES! (19Sep2017) – You know you’re jonesing for it.  Like Clayton Bigsby in a detox center, people are missing the intrigue, sex and murder Game of Thrones brings into our lives.  We’re here to fill the void.  It’s a full season 7 recap with unfounded theories, Littlefinger slander and compromising when it comes to ‘incest’.  Come find out what’s beyond the wall.

EPISODE #6 – FANTASY WEEK #2 (20Sep2017) – The world keeps on spinning, and so we keep doing podcasts.  It’s week #2 in the NFL and all 32 teams are finally in action.  The league gets its annual tie out of the way early, and our hosts debate: how bad is a tie really?  Also, what’s up with QB play across the league?  Meanwhile, the league champ is 0-2 and league scoring is on a Golden State Warriors-type pace.    We’ve also got a new sponsor for “Are We Sure He’s Good?”, Road Dawgs and league picks.

EPISODE #7 – FANTASY WEEK # 3 (27Sep2017) –  It’s a bizarre week for the NFL and the fantasy league.  Owners on the field, Jerry Jones on one knee, Ray Lewis on two, the president tweeting while an American territory is without power, water, food or medicine.  Just…bizarre.  And it led to weird games and fantasy results.  Black’s team is in a spiral, Yellow is the toast of the league, and everyone else is in between.  There’s talk about body snatchers, flag protests, and a little bit of football in here.  Let’s get through the tweetstorm together.

EPISODE #8 – FANTASY WEEK #4 (04Oct2017) – Well, we’re a quarter of the way through the real season, and a third of the way through the fantasy season.  It’s a good time to sit down and take stock.  Bye weeks are starting, and the injury week from hell just rained down like Castermere to wreak havoc on your roster.  We’ve got the tips you need, the one’s you don’t and a couple others we just don’t have anywhere else to put.  It’s Black and Yellow Week 4!

EPISODE #9 – FANTASY WEEK #5 (11Oct2017) – It’s a tale of Worst and First on the B&Y Podcast.  Jimmy keeps on winning and Spruiell keeps on losing while the rest of league has caught a case of blowout fever.  We debate if Jacksonville’s #1 scoring defense is sustainable, what to make of Arizona’s backfield, and when to say when on benching a quarterback.  Can our waiver wire win streak continue?  Would you actually be making money off our Road Dawgs bets?  Those answers and more on this week’s B&Y Podcast!

EPISODE #10 – NBA EASTERN CONFERENCE PREVIEW (15Oct2017) – It’s finally here.  After a wild and wacky offseason full of trades, player movement, drama, betrayal and intrigue, the eve of the new season is finally upon us.  Black and Yellow bring in friend of the pod and basketball savant, Coach Kyle to discuss the Eastern Conference top to bottom.  We talk Giannis’ MVP odds, the Wizards as a darkhorse, the Cavs’ newfound depth, the Sixers’ potential and what the hell has Orlando been doing for five years?

EPISODE #11 – NBA WESTERN CONFERENCE PREVIEW (16Oct2017) – First one went alright, so let’s run it back.  This time, we’re all in on the Western conference.  Do the Spurs see a dropoff for the first time in 20 years?  How does anyone besides Sam Presti win Executive of the Year?  Should Portland or Memphis just bite the bullet and blow it up?  Are the Clippers and Jazz just fooling all of us?  And, most important, is anyone even close to dethroning the Warriors?

EPISODE #12 – FANTASY WEEK #6 (17Oct2017) – The top two teams in the league, and the one that lost its star quarterback somehow managed to win.  It was that kind of week in the Just Us Fantasy League and B&Y are here to report back on all the goings on.  Some of our waiver wire heroes turn into duds, Adrian Peterson makes a comeback, and we commiserate over the pure joy you can get from open hand slapping a grown man.

EPISODE #13 – NFL FANTASY WEEK #7 (24Oct2017) – In a week where the fantasy games were more interesting than the actual football, we’ve got all the highs and the lows.  From leaving a 40 point effort from Amari Cooper on your bench to your kicker winning you a game in Monday Night Football, it’s a rollercoaster of emotions.  We’re gonna ride it through all the league’s trades, waiver wire pickups, key matchups and bye week purgatories.  All the advice you never asked for, this week on B&Y!


EPISODE #14 – FANTASY WEEK #8 (01Nov2017) – Not to pat ourselves on the back, but this one felt like a classic.  As the league standings continue to shake themselves out, we’ve got deep dives on Tom Brady’s pyramid scheme, the struggles of NFC South quarterbacks, and the continued tales of JuJu Smith-Schuster.  And at what point does the Browns’ misery go from funny to just plain sad? Week 8, it’s great!

EPISODE #15 – NFL FANTASY WEEK 9 (08Nov2017) – Oh, my good, god damn.  The situation has definitely escalated.  The league has entered a new and frightening post-whiteboard world.  The trash talk has escalated, the stakes are higher, and everyone’s talking shit: it’s fantastic.  The league leader takes their first L, we’ve got a frontrunner for the Sacko and the trade deadline is in two weeks.

To top it all off, this week, it’s BLACK V. YELLOW on the field.  Or computer.  Whatever.  It’s Week 10, baby!  COME GET YOU SOME!

EPISODE #16 – NFL FANTASY WEEK #11 (15Nov2017) – Let the shit talking commence!  Black beats Yellow so bad he needs a concussion test, the playoff picture comes into focus with the trade deadline on the horizon.  There’s only three weeks left in the regular season with the 2nd and 8th place teams separated by only 2 games. We’re selling high on all Packers and Cardinals, debating Case Keenum v. Teddy Two Gloves and trying to figure out why the hell Tyrod Taylor got benched for Elaine’s boss from Seinfeld.

EPISODE #17 – NFL FANTASY WEEK #12 (22Nov2017) – Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  What are Black and Yellow thankful for?  Healthy running backs, no more bye weeks and the fantasy playoffs are almost here!  The standings in the Just Us league are more crowded than the kids table at the Duggar house.  No one, from the #1 seed to the Sacko, has got this thing locked up as the winter turns cold.  As the season winds down, we here at the B&Y pod want to thank all of you for indulging us this season and continuing to be loyal listeners.  Week 12, gobble, gobble!

EPISODE #18 – NFL FANTASY WEEK #13 (28Nov2017) – “And now the end is near….”  With four teams eliminated from playoff contention – both in fantasy and the NFL – we start to dive deep into playoff positioning and seeding scenarios.  The league sees its highest scoring week of the season with twenty point scorers literring the landscape.  As the regular season wraps up, questions abound. Is this the end of the Book of Eli?  Who’s the best receiver in the league: Julio or Antonio?  Should we be taking the Jaguars more seriously?  And will Yellow make the playoffs?

EPISODE #19 – NFL FANTASY PLAYOFFS WEEK #1 (06Dec2017) – Insert your played out Jim Mora jokes here, people.  It’s playoff time!  For all the people that didn’t make it?  Sucks to be you.  For the lucky few still alive for their fantasy championship, it ain’t over yet.  As the weather turns cold and Roger Goodell’s pockets get fat, we talk brutality in Bengals/Steelers, the NFL playoff picture, fantasy teams and their NFL doppelgangers,  and the future of football.  It’s….a pretty full slate.

EPISODE #20 – INFINITY AND BEYOND (07Dec2017) – On this episode, Black and Yellow do a deep dive on all of the comic book properties dropped in November.  Thor: Ragnarok, Justice League, season 4 of the Flash and the season 5 premiere of Agents of Shield all get a mention.  We also discuss what’s next for DC movies, their epic TV crossover events, and life after Infinity War.  Opinions you never asked for from guys you’ve never met; podcasts are great!

EPISODE #21 – FANTASY PLAYOFFS WEEK #2 (13Dec2017) – As we edge ever closer to the end of the season (and maybe human existence), it’s as good a time as any to take stock.  The byes are over, and it’s anybody’s trophy as the semi-finals start this weekend.  Down goes Carson Wentz, but dear Lord….that’s Aaron Rodger’s music!  Will his return shift a playoff matchup?  How much tinkering is too much if you’re already in the playoffs?  The Pats slip in Miami, the Steelers hold against Baltimore, the Chargers control their own destiny, Jags fans almost get Ron Artest’ed, and nobody gives a fuck if their fantasy team shits the bed.  We’re all about the important stuff over here.

EPISODE #22 – FANTASY SEMI-FINALS (19Dec2017) – The fantasy playoffs bring out the worst in all of us, and some true chicanery is afoot in the Just Us League postseason.  After the unexpected availability of Kareem Hunt and Devonta Freeman, BOTH go off for 25+ point weeks in fantasy victories, propelling their team to the championship.  The runners-up are pissed and Yellow (who let them go) is our main scapegoat.  Listen to him explain himself as Black tries hard not to let his rage burn up all of the oxygen in our atmosphere.

EPISODE #23 – DOES IT HOLD UP? #1 (31Jan2017) – For the very first time, Black and Yellow present that retro movie review podcast, Does It Hold Up?  We’ll be finding old, long-forgotten, “relegated to the VHS pile” movies from our childhood and adolescence and asking a simple question: do they hold up?  And in our inaugural episode, we do a deep dive on the life of a pet P.I. with Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.  We’ve got some easter eggs you might’ve missed, and random trivia to impress your friends. What aged like wine and what aged like milk?  We’re going through it all on DOES IT HOLD UP?

EPISODE #24 – FANTASY FINALS (01Jan2018) – Like Boyz II Men before us, we’ve come to the end of the road.  The 2017 fantasy season is over, and the Just Us League has crowned its champion.  But we still have some loose ends to wrap up including a championship game recap, season ending awards and obituaries, and a look toward the actual postseason.  It’s been a great year, and here’s to more abject failure in 2018!  Happy New Year!

THE CHASEDOWN: EPISODE #1 (29Jan2018):  With Fantasy Football finally releasing us from its death grip on our productivity (and sanity), Black and Yellow are coming into the new year with a brand new podcast.  We call it: THE CHASEDOWN, a weekly review of all things NBA.  We’ll have in-depth analysis and team breakdowns, recaps of the many ongoing Twitter beefs, and covering everything from the draft to the Finals.  With a revolving door of guests and contributors, we hope to bring in some new voices, and new opinions.

Here in episode #1, we’ve got reaction to the Clippers/Rockets fight that never was, and adding to the 1,000 opinions on how to fix the Cavs (including possible trades for Kevin Love).  Final farewells to Jason Kidd, and nitpicking the GMs at the All-Star draft also on tap.

Welcome to The Chasedown, the podcast you never saw coming.

EPISODE #2 (02Feb2018) – Twice as nice on a Friday night, Black and Yellow are gearing up for Super Bowl Sunday with a little NBA action.  We’re recapping the momumental Blake Griffin trade from every angle, and previewing the rest of the possible trade deadline madness.  Catching up with the injury bug means changing the forecast for some of the preseason favorites including the Wizards and Pelicans.  Finally, as first rumored on reddit, is LeBron trying to run the D.E.N.N.I.S. system on the Cavs before this summer’s free agency?

Todo el mismo, plus Super Bowl picks on THE CHASEDOWN!

EPISODE #3 (10 February 2018) -Jimmy gets hype about the Super Bowl, Spruiell is down about the Duke game, but this week we make it Black, Yellow and Jon as Jon Whited makes his podcast debut.  We’re talking trade deadline moves, of which the Cavaliers made plenty. Cleveland basically reset their roster in NBA2K last summer, so doing it again made perfect sense.  We break down all of their deadline day moves, as well as some of the lesser transactions for teams out of contention.  It’s Super Bowl, Duke/UNC, the Clippers, and Kemba.

Full plate on week 3 of THE CHASEDOWN!

EPISODE #4 (16 February 2018) – It’s spring break for millionaires in sunny Los Angeles, CA.  As we reach the 2/3 point of the season, we’re going streaking.  Two groups of teams headed in opposite directions as the playoff push gets started.  Will youth doom the Celtics?  Are the Warriors bored?  Is this Sixers team for real?  What’s going on in Utah?  Uncle Drew is now a major motion picture to the surprise of everyone. Fox News doesn’t like LeBron speaking his mind to the surprise of NO ONE.  A full week 4 on THE CHASEDOWN!

EPISODE #5 (02 March 2018) – Two-thirds of the season gone, and the playoff picture is finally starting to take shape.  Some teams are testing out the Ewing Theory with addition by subtraction.  Are the Wizards better without John Wall?  Can the Baby Wolves learn to walk without Jimmy Butler?  Meanwhile, the death of the big man was highly publicized, but maybe a little premature.  We look at Joel Embiid and Anthony Davis on the resurrection tip.  Finally, it’s tough forecasting the playoff race, but we’re gonna take a shot at it anyway.

EPISODE #6 – ALL NCAA, ALL THE TIME (10Mar2018): This week on the Chasedown, Jon rejoins B&Y to talk the NCAA tournament and all things ACC.  With seven teams possibly tournament bound and four more on the bubble, the league is tops in the country with play styles and projections all over the map.  And before the bigger bracket gets revealed on Sunday, we’re breaking down favorites and players to watch.

It’s March, get your mind right.

EPISODE #7: OUR SUPER SWEET SIXTEEN (21March2018): The Chasedown trio make a sheepish return to the NCAA tournament to recap a wacky first weekend.  Obviously deep diving on #1 UVA’s loss to UMBC, we’ve also got words for Arizona and Sean Miller, UNC, Shaka Smart, and Xavier.  Also, has it been a good tournament or a bad tournament for the ACC at large?  The upsets are fun, but are they diluting the later rounds?  All that and everything from Jordan Poole to Sister Jean gets a mention as we try to make sense of the top heavy Sweet 16.

EPISODE #8 – A BUNCH OF F*CKIN BLOG BOYS (30Mar2018): Back again without any rooting interests in the tournament, the Three Man Weave takes on some of the under-covered over-achievers of the NBA season.  The Pacers surprising surge behind Oladipo, Damian Lillard’s first team All-NBA performance and Rudy Gobert’s DPOY chances get the coverage they deserve.  We’ll also air some grievances with the underperforming T-Wolves, Bucks and (surprisingly) Spurs.

The first podcast to call Michigan as a dark horse and turn on Sister Jean.  Giving you what others can’t.

EPISODE #9 – AWARDS SEASON (06 April 2018) – With the NCAA tournament wrapped, and the NBA season lurking right behind, the Three-Man-Weave gets their imaginary awards’ ballots ready. The stage is set for a wild end to the season and a wide open playoff field, but first things first, we’re handicapping MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, Coach of the Year and the league’s top rookies.  All wrapped in a handy hour-long episode with a playoff preview chaser.

EPISODE #10 – PLAYOFF PREVIEW TAX DAY SPECTACULAR (15 April 2018) – Take a long break from collecting Chipotle receipts and counting your dog as a dependent to join B&Y for a playoff primer.  All eight first round series are now underway and the “real season” has begun.  More importantly, it’s fake awards season so there’s still a chance for Suns fans to celebrate something.

EPISODE #11 – GAME 3? MUST WIN TIME (20 April 2018) – The playoffs are flying high in the ratings and well underway as every series has reached Game 3.  There are the Blazers struggles and the Pelicans ascent while the Cavaliers try to stymie the Pacers’ optimism.  Milwaukee is the drunkest girl at the party with Minnesota only three jello shots behind.  We’re overreacting to it all as the series reach their pivot points and contenders start to reveal themselves.

THE ROAD TO INFINITY (23 April 2018) – As we reach the final days in a ten year wait for Marvel Studios’ AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, Black and Yellow take some time to reflect.  Split into two glorious parts, we’ve ranked all 18 Marvel movies that have laid the foundation for this cinematic event.  In part one, we’re going from #18 to #9.

THE ROAD TO INFINITY (23 April 2018) – As we reach the final days in a ten year wait for Marvel Studios’ AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, Black and Yellow take some time to reflect.  Split into two glorious parts, we’ve ranked all 18 Marvel movies that have laid the foundation for this cinematic event.  In part two, it’s the final countdown from #8 to #1.

“We’re in the endgame now…” (03 May 2018) – Riding high off the #1 opening weekend of all time ($265 million), AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR is the cinematic event we all hoped it would be.  Spoilers aplenty as B&Y break down the game tape.  What predictions turned out to be nonsense?  Who were the big winners and losers?  What does this mean for the MCU moving forward?  And is it OK to feel bad for a genocidal maniac?

IT’S THE SEMIS! (04 May 2018) – The first round is in the rearview mirror and all four semi-final series have made it through at least two games.  The Raptors now officially play in “LeBron-to” after all the real estate he bought in their heads, leading the Cavs to a 2-0 lead.  Meanwhile, Boston proves their pluck is pluckier than Philly’s pluck…at least for now.  Tonight, the Western Conference gets back in action as New Orleans hopes some gumbo and beignets are the cure that ails their defense.  Later on, the Rockets look to go into Mitt Romney’s backyard and smoke out the Jazz’ optimism following a game 2 win.  Plus Melo and Fizdale talk to keep it frosty, this week on THE CHASEDOWN

THE SUMMER OF LA-BRON (04 July 2018) – The NBA’s real season has officially begun and it did so with a *BANG*.  LeBron brings his court to the NBA’s greatest kingdom – Los Angeles – as he joins the Lakers on a 4 year deal.  B&Y discuss implications for the seismic results and the moves that followed – including Paul George re-upping in OKC and Boogie’s “chess move” to Golden State (and why the histrionics that followed MIGHT have been an overreaction).  Sit down, pour some good American beer, blow up something shiny and end your 4th with B&Y.