Winter is Coming….in Summer!

Originally published March 10th, 2017

The season 7 premiere date for HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ has been announced and the expectations could not be higher. On July 16, 2017 at 9:00 pm EST, we can certainly predict that HBOGO and other streaming services (legal or not) will see massive traffic and potential outages due to the unforeseen demand. If you’re one of the 7 people in the world who isn’t caught up with George R.R. Martin’s epic saga adapted to the small screen, this is my spoiler alert. In this day and age previews, posters, teases and trailers have become a pivotal part of the entertainment industry. Case in point:

‘Yes! I will watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 because of the trailer and in great part: baby Groot!’ ‘No… I’ve decided Collateral Beauty featuring Will Smith is not a movie I will pay $10 to watch in the silver screen.’ OR ‘Matt Damon fighting monsters in China, sporting a pony-tail? I have no clue whether that’s gonna be watchable or absolutely horrendous, given the trailer.’

Please watch this short tease that says so much by saying so little.


Take a deep breath. We will finally witness Daenerys step foot in Westeros. Cersei broke through that glass ceiling using wildfire and FrankenMountain (Hilary should have taken note). The Stark banners fly high in Winterfell and Bran has powers that compromise the fabric of reality! Season 6 broke down the characters to their core and in the beginning of Season 7 we will see Westeros’ key players stronger than ever.

Round up every swordsman from The Wall to The Vale, every ship from the Iron Islands to the Narrow Sea, every faceless assassin from Braavos to King’s Landing, every dragon in…well; all three dragons. All of this in a beautifully inevitable collision course with the Nights King and his army.

You can fully expect me to use this platform to publish my thoughts and reactions on each episode this summer. If you’re not a fan of the show this is completely irrelevant to you. If you ARE a fan of the show, you may still feel indifferent about my notes. Either way: Winter is Coming… this summer.

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